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Recruiter : There'se Flood

With an extensive career spanning over three decades in human services, There'se has adeptly transitioned from front-line to executive roles. Her areas of specialization include Risk and Quality management, where she has excelled in formulating impactful policies, programs, and operational procedures crucial for delivering effective services to support vulnerable groups and communities. There'se has a proven track record of ensuring the awareness, protection, and safeguarding of children and young people, aligning seamlessly with the principles outlined in the United Nations - Children's Charter of Rights. Throughout her diverse experiences within various organizational contexts, her commitment to risk mitigation and quality assurance has been a guiding principle.Complementing There'se's hands-on experience, she holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of New England, underscoring her dedication to academic rigor in the field of human services. This educational background enriches her extensive professional journey, providing her with a comprehensive perspective and strategic acumen, particularly in the domains of Risk and Quality management.Therese's career not only reflects a wealth of experience but also manifests a profound dedication to leadership that fosters positive change in the human services sector. Her specialization in Risk and Quality uniquely positions her to contribute valuable insights and skills to roles that involve managing risk and quality for on-hired workforces, especially those working with vulnerable groups. She is eager to leverage her expertise to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need and contribute to the success of Be Recruitment Group in ensuring the well-being of their on-hired workforce and the vulnerable populations they serve.There'se is one of Be Recruitments Return to Work Coordinators

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