Delivering an exceptional candidate experience.

When our co-founders, Jenny Rosser and Zena Clark, established Be Recruitment in 2018, they had a vision to provide high-touch, high-tech, and high-integrity recruitment services.

In this post, we’ll explore how our commitment to excellence in candidate experience sets us apart and ensures that we match the right people with the right roles.

Embracing Innovation without Sacrificing the Human Element

We understand the powerful role that technology can have within the recruitment process, but believe it should never replace the human touch.

Unlike the common scenario of candidates being left in the dark after sending their resumes to employers and agencies, Be Recruitment is committed to going the extra mile to ensure candidates receive exceptional treatment throughout their journey with us.

Even if a candidate is not successful, they are given the option to stay in the company’s database to receive newsletters and job alerts. To foster a sense of community, we also send out monthly e-newsletters covering sector updates, upcoming opportunities, and valuable interview tips.

Enhancing Employee Attachment

Be Recruitment goes beyond just making placements; we invest in the long-term success of our candidates.

For senior leadership roles, two hours of complimentary leadership coaching are provided through Leading Well. Our consultants can also help manage those pre-interview nerves by helping with 15-30 minute interview prep sessions. In addition, for some Candidates we engage Signet Coaching to help candidates be the best version of themselves at interview.

Additionally, the company leverages ShcBOND’s Employee Attachment Inventory survey to assess the candidate’s first 120 days in the new role, ensuring a smooth transition and increased satisfaction.

Deep Understanding of the Health and Social Care Sectors

At Be Recruitment, we are committed to being genuine partners of the health and social care sectors.

Understanding the pain points, long-term strategies, and employee value propositions (EVP) of clients is crucial in helping to place candidates in the best role for their skills and future goals.

By taking the time to deeply understand the industry, we can help provide the best possible talent solutions, which ultimately leads to a more positive experience for candidates and clients.

Innovative Search Approaches

The social care sector often requires candidates with hard-to-find skills. Be Recruitment has introduced a multi-faceted search approach, utilising video engagement techniques such as personalised outreach messages and short Loom presentations for headhunting talent.

This innovation has been particularly successful in filling management and clinical roles for organisations such as Life Without Barriers, The Smith Family, HomeMade and OzChild.

Supporting Candidates at Every Level

Be Recruitment understands the importance of tailored approaches for different divisions.

The Workforce Services and Solutions division focuses on casual workers and offers a comprehensive onboarding process, including checks and briefings on policies and procedures.

They also provide relevant training courses to ensure up-to-date knowledge in disability services and behavior management. The use of an online timesheet system and the Ento Employee app keeps casual workers engaged and informed.

Roi-AI is also employed to manage regular check-ins with contract and permanent placements. This technology facilitates human connection by ensuring candidates have everything they need, verifying their satisfaction, and addressing any concerns promptly. The use of Roi-AI’s chatbot, ‘Betty,’ further enhances candidate support by monitoring their well-being and safety on-site. The platform also reminds consultants to call and meet candidates for a coffee to make sure everything is going ok and they are happy in their role.

By combining technology with a human touch, understanding the industry’s nuances, and using technology well, candidates at all levels can expect exceptional support and engagement, ensuring a successful and fulfilling career in the social care sector.

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